The shops of Vence have come to your marketplace!

When you buy something from Vence, we do everything we can to make your life easier and provide authentic service, just as we do in the town's shops. A wide selection of quality products are presented to you via shopping spaces where you also get the benefit of the advice and proximity of your favourite shops. With secure payment, you can browse all the different shops in Vence and pay just once for all your purchases, no matter how many shops you buy from. You then get free delivery of your order to your home.

Save time and help local businesses to grow by shopping in Vence - the pleasure of shopping the smart way!

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Hôtels et restaurants à Vence
Boutique du mois
Magasins de décoration et bricolage à Vence
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Beauté & parfums à Vence
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Commerces de proximité

Local service

The shops of Vence and their staff are ready and willing to meet all your expectations.

Economie locale vençoise

Local ecosystem

Promote the development of local businesses by doing your shopping in Vence and the surrounding area.

Achats en ligne en MarketPlace

Easy shopping

Buy from several shops and pay securely, just once.

Garantie satisfait ou remboursé

Satisfied or your money back.

Shop in total confidence with your local professionals.